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December 2018 Pastor's Corner
November 20, 2018, 12:17 PM

Thanksgiving is just a few days ahead and we have celebrated in worship, Tuesday at Memorial Christian Church. A Blessed time to be together and to receive an offering for Project Lazarus. Thank you for your donations which help to provide some relief for homeless people and transient guest in need of assistance.

As a minister serving two congregations I am grateful for the cards and expressions of your love for me and Bobbi. I feel affirmed in sharing ministry that touches the lives of so many. Truly God is kind and generous everyday. It is honoring him and loving the neighbor we find our common bond. We have so much to be grateful for.

Advent-Christmas is ahead and now is the time to consider Miracles. May we slow down enough to enter the realm of miracle. God acting in our lives and in history. The first Sunday of Advent begins the Church year. We come in faith and listen week by week with a longing for miracles. Those times when we are surprised, if not startled by the miracle. Miracles that counter the voices of the negative normality of culture. Miracles that free our spirits to receive love and hope in the face of all the bad news. Miracles that God brings in the face of loss, of crisis, and fear.

As children, we easily find the imagination miracle realm easy to enter. The tree, lights, decorations, so much care was put into “getting ready” for Christmas. As children Christmas was the EVENT which captures our minds. Of course we lived with the story both of Jesus in the manger and the tree of lights and gifts. At one of our family gatherings, I have the memory of my grandparents who made their way to our home about 11pm on Christmas Eve. It was unforgettable to see the joy in their faces. I don’t remember the gifts of that particular Christmas but their faces were radiant with joy.

As we walk together to Bethlehem may we once again find our hearts burning with the desire for God’s intervening love in our lives and in the world-for all His people and all of creation. Day by Day this Advent/Christmas season may we live with the expectation of the God who performs miracles. Isn’t that what Mary’s birthing Jesus was all about? “It came upon a midnight clear” - let us not forget it was night and Israel hoped for light. So in the face of so much bad news, expect a miracle - Jesus comes to us and the world is changed-forever. 

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Don


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