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January 2019 Pastor's Corner
December 13, 2018, 10:00 AM

         Bobbi and I wish you a Merry Christmas. How wonderful to observe our Church each Sunday as you faithfully gather for worship and fellowship. The Church is beautiful and you’ve worked hard to prepare for the coming of Jesus.  A week or so ago Bobbi and I traveled to visit a friend and go with her to a Christmas program (Ellensburg Presbyterian Church, YouTube 12-9-18) It was scripture and carols and children in a Nativity setting. Most of the show was going well until a 4 year old angel decided to pick up the baby Jesus and carry him around. She wandered the stage front, then side to side, and then behind all the stage props and cast. Disappearing with Jesus! We waited and wondered when he would return in her little arms. The Incarnation is God coming to us in the person of Jesus. Mystery, wonder, awe, love, joy, hope, all wrapped up and waiting for our response. An invitation that makes for the miracle of change in our world. As I thought about it I wondered too, who is taking who? Is it Jesus taking us behind the scene, the walls, to see the world we avoid? Or are we the ones taking him? I see Jesus taking us to unfamiliar places when we are caught by his love. We may resist but he moves us anyway. Eventually the amber alert was over and Jesus was returned, but for a moment we knew we could not harness him - he is on the loose and found in places we didn’t think to look. Jesus would seek for those who are missing; people of all faiths, races, colors, genders, sexual preference, immigration status, rich, and poor. The list could go on, but God is present not just with us but with all, sometimes they may be in great distress, sometimes in joy, and sometimes in daily routines like all of us. Well, the little girl and the baby Jesus will cause us to smile, perhaps laugh, but hopefully it may cause us to give thought to who isn’t there and maybe, just maybe, open us up to look behind the scenes, the walls we have erected. My prayer is that because of the Incarnation, God’s coming along side us in his son Jesus, he will take down the walls of exclusion or at least make them low fences with gates for neighbors. Then he will make it possible for us to be hospitable, generous, and forgiving towards all. I think that captures the Incarnation/Christmas, a miracle to be sure as we sing Joy to the World.  - Merry Christmas, Pastor Don and Bobbi

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