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Merry Christmas & Happy Epiphany!
December 18, 2019, 1:14 PM

Sometimes it helps to consider how one has changed over the years. Christmas – Epiphany for me are time to reflect on how my life and views have changed. This morning I was flipping through a book written for smaller churches by David Ray which I purchased in January 1993, A Big Book on Small Churches. I noted some of the remarks I penciled in the margins. I was more into individualism coming from the previous church life of 25 years. In hindsight, I see that I was more into the cultural mindset of individualism. At the time, I was uncomfortable and resisted the idea of community – which is what the church is. I confess my thinking lacked wisdom. I do value both time alone, to think, read, and pray, but also know we are created and called to belong and be a part of a community of faith. I have so many times and faces and memories of community. It is in community that our prayers over many decades are stored in the walls of our sanctuary. Memories give way to Hope as we experience the nearness of God with us.

Epiphany, follows Christmas, beginning with the Baptism of Jesus. It is also a day when each of us is reminded of our baptism, which identifies us as persons who are part of the family of God. That awareness gives us time to consider what God is doing, how God is revealing himself to us amid the certainty of change all around. Have we considered the enormity of God’s revelation in Jesus of Nazareth? How can we see Christ in the “other”? How might we give more importance to the environment? Would it make possible a wider inclusion of “others” in our thinking, living, and church? What is God up to next? “Aha” moments await – How might we respond?

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany!


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